I’m sure you guessed it from our name- we love all things guitar. But we are not your typical guitar shop. We’re an online guitar merchandise and accessories store that specializes in products that you typically cannot find in your local neighborhood stores. As players and aficionados ourselves, we offer player-approved products to people all across the globe with worldwide shipping. The result is a refreshing internet shopping experience perusing an inventory of lesser known guitar treats, unique gift ideas, and guitar related merchandise for all areas of life. In general then there are two really good reasons to shop with us:

You are a fellow guitar enthusiast in search of something more than the same old products. We offer items to make maintenance easier, protect your instruments, enhance the enjoyment you get from your guitar, and allow you to customize your gear. We even go a step beyond by offering many products that aren’t even related to playing, like apparel and decor, so you can share your love of guitar with the world.

You may not be a player, but are looking for a unique gift for a guitar lover in your life that you can get without breaking the bank. Let’s face it, many guitarists already have so much gear and can be very difficult to shop for- especially under $100. If you are not a guitarist yourself this can be very intimidating. Relax- we are here to empower you to get your loved one something they don’t already have and will actually like and use.

In addition to our shop, we are building a community of players and fans from all around the world. This community will be a forum to speak about the music industry, gear reviews, collaboration, or really anything. We plan to soon add lessons and resources like tablature as well. Our community is meant for players of all levels, and especially beginners, so there is no need to be intimidated here. Check back in often then- or better yet subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!